The mission of the MBA is to field competitive youth basketball teams that focus on skill development, preparation, competing at a high level and team success. The MBA will provide in season and off-season programs to build basketball skills.

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Please note that all travel players in grades 4 & 5 are required to participate in the recreation program. Travel players in grades 6, 7 & 8 are not required to participate in the recreation program and will not be placed on a rec team unless they come to the December sessions or they respond to this email.

Like prior seasons, the kids will get a practice jersey at the first session that is to be worn at all sessions throughout the year.  We expect all kids to be on-time, wearing sneakers and gym attire and ready to play.  Parents, please ensure your kid is at the gym 5 minutes before their start time as it is difficult to organize and run an efficient session if kids are walking in the gym after their session has started.  Please respect the coaches and players in the session before you by staying quiet and off the gym floor until the prior session is complete. 

The sessions will consist of drill sessions in December and games each weekend following the holidays for the remainder of the season.  The kids will be assigned permanent teams in late December and the game schedule will be posted over the holiday break to start in January.  All games will be at Madison High School (MHS). The schedule for December (subject to changes) is expected to be as follows: