The mission of the MBA is to field competitive youth basketball teams that focus on skill development, preparation, competing at a high level and team success. The MBA will provide in season and off-season programs to build basketball skills.

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4th and 5th Grade Curriculum

Ball Handling



  • Stationary front changes (crossover)
  • Double crossover – right/left; left/right
  • One-handed V’s; front and sides
  • One-handed leg circles
  • Low figure 8 (many dribbles) to high figure 8 with very limited dribbles
  • Two ball drills: hands in rhythm; alternate  hands; double –handed v’s; figure 8’s

Half Court



  • Right hand (then left hand)

    dribble to half court; jump stop at half court and when returning to starting point; eyes up



  • Hesitation dribble

    ball in right hand; stop at halfway point and chop feet while keeping dribble alive; dribble 
    to half court with same hand; left hand drill coming back



  • Front change/crossover

    players dribble on angle to their right (up court) for three dribbles and then make V to left
    hand; this is followed by three left hand dribbles while moving on angle to their left



  • Through the leg

same directions as front change; with ball in right hand, player leaves feet to kick left foot         forward while driving ball on bounce through left leg and into left hand; then reverse drill



  • Hop back and Go

player dribbles on angle to right side the hops back twice with ball in same hand (right) tucked behind knee;  player switches direction with front change or through the legs dribble and repeats drill with left hand; continue to alternate until half court



  • Two ball dribbling

change direction, alternate balls, hopback, etc.



  • ** 1/2 court/full court vs. live defense; must be part of ballhandling drill segment

Jump Stops



  • Half court drill designed to teach players the proper balanced position prior to passing and shooting




  • Player dribbles ball three times with right hand and performs “jump stop” into a balanced basketball position.  After third dribble, player should literally jump slightly into the air landing on the toes/balls of the feet with ball in triple threat position.

Stationary Shooting



  • feet as wide as shoulders; shoulders squared to the basket; knees bent; eyes on rim; shooting elbow tucked in; lead foot slightly ahead of weak-side foot; follow through with fingers pointing into the rim
  • no dribble to start; coach rebounds and passes to next shooter in line so players stay squared to the rim/backboard
  • players should shoot through their body bending knees for power and to keep elbow in; no twisting or turning of shoulders that would result in player “throwing” rather than shooting the ball at the basket
  • Perfect posture - no dribble to start; coaches rebound for small groups in line in front of basket(s); coaches emphasize adherence to posture positioning mentioned above

Shooting From Dribble



  • players line up 10-12 feet in front of hoop and take one dribble with strong hand toward basket, perform a jump stop, and take a balanced shot at the basket; alternate right/left
  • strong ball fake and dribble; player shows shooting elbow to defender to place ball in shooting position and get defender to rise up, then shoots after one hard dribble
  • pivot on inside foot – coach or player on wing as passer; shooter cuts across foul line to catch bounce pass at elbow and pivots on inside foot to balanced shooting position
  • rip through – same as pivot drill; shooter now catches at elbow and rips the ball through imaginary defender to change direction; after rip through from right player takes 1-2 dribbles to left toward basket and squares up for shot at mid lane

Free Throw Shooting
                       B.E.E.F. – balance, eyes on target, elbow in, follow through with fingers in rim
Lay-up Series



  • Daily Dozen

right hand layup, hesitation dribble to right hand layup, right hand layup with ball fake to “trailer”, pull up bank shot from block, right side crossover to left hand dribble down lay for left hand layup, right side crossover to left hand dribble in lane for pull up jump shot in lane;
same from left side  
Triple Threat and Passing



  • Triple Threat Position/Ball Strong

Player receives pass from teammate and gets into triple threat position; on coaches command player tucks ball to strong-side hip, rips ball through front of knees, rips ball back across shoulders to original position, executes jab fakes at imaginary defender, makes quick 2-3 dribble move – all with emphasis on good balance



  • Monkey in Middle

With passing partners facing each other, defender attempts to deflect/steal pass moving back and forth;/ offensive players must use ball fakes, jabs, step-around to successfully pass ball around defender to partner; can add single dribble to create passing angle; unsuccessful passer becomes defender



  • Outlet passes 

Player in rebounding line chins ball off backboard, pivots outside, and completes outlet pass to player on wing; coach can offer token defense on rebounder who must create angle



  • Drive and Dish

Player drives from left side toward middle of foul line with right hand and bounce passes to teammate on block; to create game situation, coach or player defends player on block and decides whether to stop ball or fake/fade back to player on block; dribbler must choose to pass or pull up for short shot in lane



  • Back Door

point position catches from right wing above elbow, rips through and dribbles toward left wing; left wing player sprints from block to wing, plants top foot and makes hard backdoor cut; point delivers bounce pass to cutter; rotate positions



  • Teaching Objectives                              

Man to Man principles
On ball:  feet at 45 degree angle; left foot is lead vs. righty to force left dribble; hands out wide on dribbler; slide feet to stay out in front of ball, forcing dribbler to switch direction; reach only from bottom upward; keep dribbler out of lane; get “dead-call”
On potential shooter:  match right to left/left to right on shooting hand – against righty shooter, have left hand in “L” on the shooter’s right shooting hand  negating shot and forcing dribble; still in balanced 45 degree position; don’t leave feet on ball fakes
Off ball:  keep ball-you-man relationship; always see both ball and man; no face-cuts; defender keeps back to basket; further offensive player is away from ball, the further defender can be from opponent, providing “help” defense for teammates



  • Shell Drill

5 on 5 1/2 court drill; as offense moves ball around perimeter defensive players “jump” to ball maintaining ball you man relationships while sliding into help defense;
Have offensive players cut through lane; simulate dribble drives to force “help situations



  • Zig-Zag dribble

live offensive dribbler vs. man defender; defender slides on angle from sideline to lane line and back staying in front of offensive player and performing drop-step move to change direction



  • Wing Denial

ball at point; defensive player in balanced stance defends offensive player cutting from wing to block to wing; in “deny” position, defender faces chest to offensive player and extends ball side hand and top foot, sliding up and back with offensive player and staying just below passing lane



  • Help and Recover Drill

2 offensive players just outside elbows (one with ball); 2 defensive players; player with ball dribbles toward middle of lane; off ball defensive player slides into help position to stop ball with teammate; offensive player kicks ball out to teammate; original off ball defender “recovers” to his opponent with short “close-out”



  • Close-outs

partners facing one another from 15 feet away; player passes to partner and assumes defensive role; passer “closes out” on partner following cadence of sprint-sprint-hop-hop; the hop allows defender to finish in a balanced position on offensive player; defender closes out with left hand in “L” on righty shooter and vice-versa; feet are at 45 degree; defender negates shot and forces weak hand dribble in most situations
Movement/Full Court Drills



  • V-Cuts/Getting Open

player runs from wing to block, plants outside foot, and cuts back up to wing to receive ball; then player makes a dribble move to the basket
vs. defender offensive player from wing makes v-cut moving to defender’s ball side shoulder and cutting back to wing; player then gets into triple threat w/jabs  for one on one live play



  • Two post layups

player line in corner; coaches/players at each elbow in middle of court; player takes dribble and passes to first elbow, receives ball back and passes to second elbow; receives bounce pass back and completes layup



  • Pitch and go

rebounder passes outlet to wing; wing dribbles hard to middle toward opposite key/foul line area; rebounder trails on outside and cuts to block to receive bounce pass for layup from dribbler; initial rebounder runs through to wing; passer gets rebound and drill continues on other side of court; can change to jumper from block or pass back to elbow



  • 3 on 2; 2 on 1

fast break drill with defenders in tandem; back defender plays first pass; top defender stops ball and drops opposite of first pass; 2 defenders go back the other way in 2 on 1 break vs. either shooter or passer from initial offensive team; in 2 on 1 drill offensive players stay split; ball handler performs hesitation dribble at elbow to read defender; defender should fake at ball and fade back to block area, defending against layups



  • Father Judge Drill

rebounder throws outlet pass to wing; wing throws chest pass to player cutting from opposite side into mid-court area; player with ball dribbles to top of key and hits cutter from front court wing with bounce pass for layup
Scrimmaging/Game Preparation
Emphasis on:  spacing, ball movement, constant cutting – being “hard to guard”, chest passes in open court, bounce passes where possible to scorers ,using dribble effectively to: attack basket, draw double team, and create better passing angles, take high % shots, hit the open man, out hustle opponents, play with pride, respect the game