The mission of the MBA is to field competitive youth basketball teams that focus on skill development, preparation, competing at a high level and team success. The MBA will provide in season and off-season programs to build basketball skills.

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Games will be 4 on 4.  We feel this is better given the number of kids on teams and smaller courts.  It will also provide more touches for kids when they are in.  If mutually agreed by both coaches before the game (i.e. two team have each 9 players in attendance), you can play 5 on 5.

Games are scheduled 70 minutes apart (1h and 10m)...based on that time breakdown will be as follows:

  • 3 minute warm-up and 2 minute half-time

  • Two 25 minute running time halfs - clock only stops in last minute of the 2nd half and timeouts

  • One timeout per team for entire game (can be used in either half)

  • One minute overtime if tied (if tied after first OT, game ends in a tie)

  • Mandatory subs at 15 minute and 5 minute mark of each half (clock will not stop upon mandatory subs so have kids ready).  Discretionary subs allowed at any time. 

  • Determining how to organize teams for substitution purposes is up to the discretion of coaches (i.e. stronger 4 and weaker 4 or mixed) although coaches should look to match up stronger players against opposing teams stronger players and vice versa.  Attempt to agree prior to sending out your starters.  Every attempt to properly allocate equal playing time is PRIORITY.

Other Rules:

  • No foul outs for players (although if your kid is doing nothing but fouling, take him out)

  • No aggregation of team fouls for bonus situation although all fouls in last 1 minute of the second half are bonus opportunity at the choice of the coach(player fouled can elect to shoot 1 and 1 or take out of bounds).  Do not encourage kids to continue fouling to put the other team on the line in the last minute.  Maybe once or twice but we need to keep games moving.

  • Referees decisions are final.  Scoreboard operator is responsible for official score and tracking time.

Any questions or recommendations please email and .  If other rules are implemented or need clarification, I will send another email.  Ensure that your kids on the bench remain on the bench and pay attention to the game.  Players should not be wandering the gym.  They should have water bottles at their bench.

Remember..."respect the game" takes priority over winning.  Emphasize this with the kids.  All kids should immediately line up and shake hands of opposing players AND coaches following the game.  Any kid acts inappropriately to a teammate, opposing player or ref should immediately be removed from the game.